Nelson Jesus Henriques Ferreira

Born in a Spring night, in Lisbon, Portugal. He degenerated from the family in appearance, but he brings them in his identity. Became a child with an innate intelligence, but education ruined him a couple years later. Before this happens, he grew up with success inside the classroom and in the playground. He has always been an autodidact. He began to draw since he has memory. One day, he opened a book with images of watercolours from the portuguese master Real Bordalo, and started to painting. Another day later, he found Real Bordalo's himself in the dining room. They painted together several afternoons in Sintra. Until he was thirteen, he was recognized by the top grades in the school, back in Alfragide. Then, his appetite for life and his desire to feel the world, and really feel it, affected his interest in following the books. So, he shown his portfolio. He became recognized then by spell beauty and sensibility with drawings and paintings. Made his first exhibition and went to António Arroio, an high school specialized in artistic education. He had just arriving the right place. Here he met several different people, new horizons, great friends. He crossed the boundaries of German, Czech and Poland in a van with a professor and four friends. Shook hands with elements of the Extreme Right in a forest in the suburbs of Krakow. He walked through the Acropole and drew the Partenon. In an antique store near Trikala, he swallowed a kind of alcohol offered by the owner, a nice old man that called his birthplace of Portucália. He almost touched the sky in the monastery of Meteora. Crossed the desert of Skagen and slept a terrifying night at the North Sea en route to Oslo. Hugged his friends at the right time and delayed a plane full in the imminent departure. After three rich years, Nelson chose study Architecture in Technical University of Lisbon. He shown his work in different exhibitions, in Portugal and abroad. His portfolio, titled "Lisbon - traditions and roots", represented Portugal in the 2006's European Country of Culture, in Patras, Greece.